Alright I am actually not feeling well. And have some health issues going on, so though the 'Rock of Love 2' recap is written. I have yet to type it up. My goal is sometime in the wee hours of tonight to dig deep within and type away.

Y'all know I am not a New York a.k.a. Tiffany Pollard fan. However, I was a huge fan of her successful reality series, 'I Love New York' & 'I Love New York 2'. I have my opinions and blog about it. I try to encourage others to watch the shows I'm addicted to. That sums up what I do here in a nut shell. Recently, I viewed an alleged New York sex tape. I made it clear I did not think it was New York. The young woman resembles her thanks to a poor quality. It's blurry as all hell.


1. It is not New York.

2. If it was New York it would be a better quality of tape.

3. I don't think she would deny it if it was her in the video. When has she ever cared what we think?

4. There is no Princess tattoo on the female's left breast.

5. It don't even remotely sound like New York.

6. Both parties in that video knew they were being filmed. They moved into position.

7. Read her take on it @ .

8. Did I type it is soooooo not New York in the piece of weak @ss sex tape? I could f*ck better in my sleep.

Now CLICKY CLICK HERE to read New York's own words on this subject. Oh yeah and New York & George W. are still together.

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An irritated Qmoment!


  1. Buddah Tha Messiah // 15/1/08 4:01 PM  

    I agree with all your points Q. Especially about NY not giving a "what" about what people would think of her in a sex tape. We all know NY would've been trying to get the best camera angles, and dogged that guy out for that weak supporting role performance he gave. I'm still mad at him for wasting that poor girls time with that whack performance. Men y'all got to do better!

    I hope you feel better Q. I've been stressed at work all week, so I appreciate the distraction that this place gives me. Take care of yourself. :(

  2. Jada // 15/1/08 4:02 PM  

    First!! Glad she set that straight. I was hoping that wasn't her.... I really couldn't tell - I couldn't see past homeboy's wack ass skills. My crippled uncle can hit it better than that....

  3. The Q © 2007 // 15/1/08 7:27 PM  

    Your welcome Buddah and thanks for coming to read us. I am really not feeling at all well.

    I am glad it isn't her either. If a sex tape is going to get out...

    One would want the sex to be off the chain and the quality to be better. Also you would want to get control of who sees it or not...or at least get paid $$$.

  4. RockstarDani // 15/1/08 7:44 PM  

    whew! Looks like her and George are really going for the long haul, eh?

  5. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 15/1/08 8:28 PM  

    George??? How does NY ending marrying a "George" ???

    anyways, since her career is coming to an end, she should make a sex tape

  6. Jenny // 15/1/08 9:18 PM  

    Whoever "send it to them", must be someone that watches porn all day, that came across some whack ass sex tape. But even a healthy brain, and a common sense would know that woman ain't New York. But MTO being MTO, of course, just post it anyways. More attention to them!

    If New York actually has a sex tape, I bet she'll look like a professional porn star or some shit.

  7. Anonymous // 15/1/08 9:38 PM  

    Check out Buckeey and Bootz party in Ohio (DRUNK)

  8. miz karlene // 15/1/08 10:00 PM  

    hopes aurelius didn't watch the sex tape, lol

    i'm sure she does have one, but it wouln't be coming

    but i can see her doing a crazy sex scene in a movie, cuz she is known for her moans.

    my computer is down, so i can't check it out.

    btw i wished ppl at work watched ROL like they did FOL and ILNY...

  9. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 15/1/08 10:24 PM  


    Smh. Who the hell watches porn all day? That would be sad. Unemployed and sad. Pathetic much?

    Q, hope you are feeling better.

  10. AaniHaan // 15/1/08 11:09 PM  

    GET WELL Q! You know, I wrote something that I want you to read, but I wait 'til you get better, haha! *trust me*

    I agree 100%. The performance / quality are just too weak for NY. It's a shame though, and a really, really dirty move.

    LOL@Aurelius ... at least I was only thinking it...

  11. Luv // 16/1/08 2:09 AM  

    I knew it wasn't her, because I didn't see the tattoo, and New York's butt is not that big. Plus, it no way New York would have let that guy finish if he wasn't hittin it right. I also knew that guy wasn't whiteboy. I couldn't believe that some people was claiming that the guy in the video was whiteboy. He didn't even look like Whiteboy.

  12. Gabrielle // 16/1/08 10:57 AM  

    I heard the tape while my room mate watched it and I didn't hear "oooh propper" not one time, which os what I heard NY say almost everytime they played the sounds of her sleeping with Flav. That voice that i heard moaning wasn't deep enough to be NY by a long shot.

    The picture I saw posted on the blog, the female looked more like Bootz than NY.... in my opinion

    And FINALLY!!! I hope she wins against mediafakeout, I am so sick of that site... I hope they get shut down real soon

  13. Gabrielle // 16/1/08 10:59 AM  

    Good merning

  14. Anonymous // 16/1/08 12:07 PM  

    Hey everyone,

    Q, first I'd just like to say I hope you get better soon and KUDOS to you & everyone else for still keeping this site alive!

    Never thought I'd see myself type....I can't stand New York, but I miss seeing her lunatic ass on tv. She's as entertaining as she is NUTS!!!

    Aurelius, that was harsh...her 15 minutes is still going in some form LOL!


  15. Lily Strange // 18/1/08 3:01 PM  

    I actually found myself really liking New York a lot in this past season. I hope that she and George (I kinda like calling him Tailor Made) will be happy together--it would be nice if something could work out for somebody. But those implants--why??? I've known women with large boobs that got them reduced because of how much their backs hurt. And New York's don't even look natural--duh. I'd fall on my face if I was carrying that weight around in front of me!

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