The Q. is tired. *yawns Thanks to Anonymous @ 12:42pm, Vh1 & Shawn y'all get to see all of the women of 'Flavor of Love 3'. Please be kind, these are not the most flattering pictures of the newest batch of 'Flavor of Love 3' women. I've known most of their identities for months. And I've seen many of them in all their pictorial glory. No offense to the VH1 photographers, but daaaaaamn they remind me of those Elementary School photographers who made your parents pay before they saw your God awful school pictures. In my particular school photographer's case, I was an ugly duckling. No amount of skill could've save the outcome of my 4th grade picture.

I really would like to elaborate on each of the 'Flavor of Love 3' beezys but I am ill with a twist of sick. So this introduction of the 20 Flavorettes will be short and to the point. *wonders why we don't call the 'Rock of Love 2' beezys Rockettes?

Bee-Ex is a street wise IT consultant. Also known as T'wana she is from Wappingers Falls, NY & admits to being selfish @ times.
Bunz is a small town sweety who lives in Spring, Texas. Y'all know Elle is going to love her.
Dymz is a Criminal Justice major. The ATL resident didn't go on 'Flavor of Love 3' to make friends. She held it down during online voting as Mz Top Notch (10,991 votes).

EL is a hyper, fast & rude latina who grew up in New York. Grayve lives in Holcomb, MS. The real estate company owner plans on winning Flavor Flav over with her fried chicken & gravy.
Hotlanta is a Dental Assistant residing in Marietta, GA. She is intimidated by loud, aggressive people. ( And she auditioned for 'Flavor of Love 3'?!!!!)

Ice a.k.a. DJ Paris is Michigan all the waaay baby! The blond bombshell can rock the hell out of orange shorts.
Myammee is a multi-ethnic model. As Ice she is also a Hooters' waitress. She is a FAMU graduate to boot.
Peechee is an absolute sweet peach. She gets along with everybody. We interviewed Peachy Christa during the online competition. She received over 8,000 votes. Click here or her name to read her Blogspot interview.
Prancer is the daughter of a Reverend. Also known as Mercedes, skinny black men turn her on. (Narrow @ssed Jordanian men turn me on.)
Q-Tee sports a grill & 13 tattoos. The Texan is of Haitian & Mexican decent. Anyone with Q in their name rocks in my world. LOL!
Rayna is repping Christ all day & night. Also a Hooters' waitress, she's hope to find a man in touch with his spirituality. (Why am I feeling Hooters is a sponsor?) An online competitor she received 4th place with 9,550 votes.
Savanna is a thick beauty from the BRONX! She'll lie, cheat & steal ... if she has to.... We had the pleasure of interviewing this 3rd place (10,876 Votes) online winner on The ELLE Word.
Seezinz is from Cheltenham, MD. The slender beauty admits to having Chaetophobia- Fear of hair. (WTF?!) She also is intimidated by overweight people.
Shore-Tee a.k.a. Sexy Angie is the online winner folks with 13,512 votes. She's gorgeous young woman. We use to share the same eStalker. LOL!
Shy is from Chicago, IL. The preacher's daughter holds a high opinion of herself. She believes she is a masterpiece. (Are we talking 'Girl with A Pearl Earring' or K.C. BBQ sauce?)
Sinceer grew up in Vista, AZ & now lives in San Diego, CA. She doesn't take sh!t from anyone. (Something about her face reminds me of Deelishis.)
Thing 1 is Latrisha the skinny twin. (I think.) Her ex was 21 years her senior with 12 children.
Thing 2 is the thicker twin. Her name is Latresha... *sighs (Y'all these two are going to confuse the hell out of me!)
Tik is an on-air Radio Personality for 104.1 KRBE. She admits to being obsessed with watches. This picture does her ZERO justice.

Here's another picture of Tik.... can we say it all together 1-2-3 "DAAAAAMN!"

The last lady who I had to hunt down sick is Saint Louis a.k.a. Skye. Saint Louis is a salon manager/ hair stylist who doesn't indulge in alcohol. Rumor has it that this isn't her first attempt trying to get @ Flavor Flav. But I am not sure due to a bad memory. I think this is Saint Louis but don't bet your last $$$ on it. Whoever she is or isn't Skye is working the hell out of that bikini.Remember 'Flavor of Love 3' premieres February 11th @ 9pm on VH1. Yes, it's a Monday folks!

Credit: & 2 Stars Studios (photos)

A Flavorette Qmoment!


  1. your mother // 24/1/08 5:41 PM  

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! You just made my day.. week... year......

  2. miz karlene // 24/1/08 5:42 PM  

    who are the internet winners...

    it's a lot more ass this season.

  3. your mother // 24/1/08 5:49 PM  

    so queen whatshername was right about shortee/ shore- tee?? dammit

    how did peechee get over 8,000 votes? seeing the pictures ice and prancer are my favorites... can't wait 'til it starts....

  4. Anonymous // 24/1/08 5:51 PM  

    Umm.......I don't know but why do most of these girls either look like Bootz or Deelishis. Well at least most of them dont look as old or as manly as the ROL 2 girls. Honestly I'm pretty tired of seeing slutty girls with bad weaves and I don't feel that Flav deserved another show but that's just my opinion. Whew...these nicknames made my head hurt as much as reading Buddha's blogs.

  5. Anonymous // 24/1/08 5:54 PM  

    That ass had to be photoshopped. No way she's got 50 inch thighs.

  6. your mother // 24/1/08 5:55 PM  

    flav didn't deserve another show, but WE did. did i count 21? are thing 1 and thing 2 one contestant?

  7. KC // 24/1/08 6:08 PM  

    YOU MADE MY YEAR!!! 2008 is gonna be a good one. And yeah, a lotta the girls resemble Bootz and Deelishis and Tik looks like a plus sized Emmanuel Lewis. I love Latrisha and Latresha...they're my favorites so far.

  8. The Q © 2007 // 24/1/08 6:17 PM  

    LOL! There are 21 pictures; two of Tik.

    KC I am glad your year has been made.

    Y'all can refresh. I added the online winners information.


    Y'all have a good day.

  9. Anonymous // 24/1/08 6:50 PM  

    q it's real shocking and weird that steups is not here doing the Upcoming FOL but anyway i like Grayve and Don't You Think that Thing 1 and 2 look like Deelishis

  10. Anonymous // 24/1/08 7:00 PM  

    all I have to say is ROL what LOL

  11. Anonymous // 24/1/08 7:33 PM  

    q do you have GRAYVEE myspace page

  12. The Q © 2007 // 24/1/08 7:36 PM  

    KC, btw... I think Tik is an attractive woman. Besides the fade I don't think there is any other similarities between her & Emmanual Lewis.

  13. Anonymous // 24/1/08 7:47 PM  

    Your mother,

    I am the anon from the other chat box. I am just reading your comments. Steups is still dealing with the same issues that caused him to drop out of site in December.I don't think he is trying to be mean or anything, I just think right now this blog is the furthest thing from his mind.

    I am not sure how much he will participate when he gets back. He might return to normal, and he might not, but he should be back soon.

    However,I do really agree with everyone who said that he should share his revenue. Especially to Q. I know they have had differences in the past, but she has really kept this blog going. I know there are others like Gabrielle, but Q had not only been the main one making posts, but taking time out to moderate them.

  14. Jenny // 24/1/08 8:03 PM  

    Most of them are trash, but I see a couple that I might like.

  15. miz karlene // 24/1/08 8:08 PM  

    wow i'm super slow for not reading their names and info and just looking at the asses,ok i know who the inet winners are now.
    thanks a million Q!

  16. KC // 24/1/08 9:00 PM  

    Well, I don't mind the fade, and I don't mind Emmanuel Lewis either. ;) hahaaha J/K Is it me or does Q-tee remind you of a cross of Hoopz and bootz?? Is it just me?!?

  17. Bubo the Hater // 24/1/08 10:39 PM  

    Bee-Ex-hopefully, she will have some sense if she is a professional business type person

    I like bunz

    Dymz probably goes to some online university. Dudes in prison will love her, she is a cutie

    Regardless of nationality, is there any other type of person from NY?

    Grayve should be on I love New York 3. Besides those fake titties, she is a man..babayyy!

    The only reason I used to like going to the dentist/orthodontist as a lad is for the dental assistants and them putting there titties on me. I think there is a rule that they have to be good looking.

    I like Ice.

    I like Myamee, she has a degree and is working at Hooters, either hard times or time to get a refund. Does she know Ezra?

    Peechee, sorry, bbw's get no love on these shows..pretty though

    Prancer's father just turned in his collar an dlost his faith

    QTee-what the hell does she sound like?

    Rayna...repping Christ working at Hooters? I understand Hooters is not whoring, but come on! I like her...a lot

    Savanah is pretty with a big ass

    Seeinz, your phobia will be tested


    Shy, another PK. Those preachers must be getting tested like Job. Deelishis in her

    Thing 1 anf Theng 2, go home, whip your parents' asses

    Tik! Wow, that is a bit large, but her ass is the perfect shape!

  18. your mother // 24/1/08 11:28 PM  

    so saint louis isn't a contestant? i don't get it.. with the picture of saint louis there are 22 pictures.. i'm going to work..

    sleep well :)

  19. Anonymous // 24/1/08 11:40 PM  

    Actually in the first photo she does look like Emanuel Lewis

  20. Buddah Tha Messiah // 24/1/08 11:47 PM  

    First of all, that’s a whole lotta ass on Tik. These pictures are horrible The twins mother needs to be slapped. How are you going to name them the same name and only change that one damn letter! SMH. That’s going to piss me off. I predict that already. Peachee looks like one of my good friends. I see her as the Goldie of this season. If you back away from the computer about 3 feet and look at the screen with your side-eye game; Hotlanta kinda looks like Sanaa Lathan. I can’t wait for this hot mess to start now.

  21. Bubo the Hater // 24/1/08 11:47 PM  

    Tik=Dino from the flintstones? I am entranced, it is beautiful!

  22. Anonymous // 25/1/08 1:33 AM  

    This Time It's 21 Contestant's

  23. Anonymous // 25/1/08 2:26 AM  

    well i do know this will be the third and final season of "Flavor of Love"

  24. The Q © 2007 // 25/1/08 4:42 AM  


    @ many of your comments.

    To the Anon who keeps defending Steups...

    How many times are you going to type the same thing over & over again?

    It is common knowledge I don't like Steups. He is a liar & manipulator. PERIOD!

    I post when I can for the readers who have supported The Blogspot through thick & thin.

    Y'all I am so confused. Maybe they count the twins as one. I don't know. My sources tell me Saint Louis is Skye.

    I am confused but to tired to figure it out.


  25. your mother // 25/1/08 8:22 AM  

    on thing 1 and thing 2 are listed as one contestant... maybe he gets both if he chooses them in the end? what an unfair advantage ;)

  26. Mz-Shorty // 25/1/08 10:57 AM  



    it's like....halloween scary to me.

    I'd actually be scared if i saw that in person

  27. KitBit // 25/1/08 1:15 PM  

    Ok, but am I the only one who did a double-take (no pun intended) at the twins 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2'? They have GOT to be Larissa/Bootz' sisters!!! The resemblance to her is too uncanny!!!

  28. RockstarDani // 25/1/08 1:17 PM  

    I will definitely be supporting Q-Tee...HAITIANS ALL THE WAY!!!

    ...and Tik kind of looks like Fantasia in the face. Is she trying to be another Deelishis??

  29. Anonymous // 25/1/08 1:59 PM  


    Go back and read my post again. First, Your mother asked me a question in another post, and I responded in this one.

    Second, I was defending YOU more than I was STEUPS for taking the time out to keep this blog going.

    Now you have a nice day.

  30. The Q © 2007 // 25/1/08 3:16 PM  


    And allow me to make myself clear. I post because I am a reader first & always. I know as a reader it's nice to read something new.

    The mentioning of Steups receiving the $$$ was to inform many who think I should post all day, everyday that I AM NOT OBLIGATED TO POST.

    I do it out of respect for the readers when I can.

    I'll decline rereading your comment. I appreciate you trying to defend me. If Steups has personal problems it's his business, yet he finds time to do inappropriate til this very day. Funny.

    However, I would just like to comment on the shows & it's cast members.

  31. Anonymous // 25/1/08 3:55 PM  

    why does the last chick look like Any Winehouse with a tan?

  32. Anonymous // 25/1/08 5:06 PM  


    Again my post was in responce to a question your mother asked me in another chat box.

    But I see you are on the defensive no matter what, and you like to argue.

    I just hope Your mother read my post because that's who it was intended for, sorry to have offended you.

  33. The Q © 2007 // 25/1/08 5:17 PM  

    Were we arguing? LOL! You didn't offend me.

  34. Chamillion // 25/1/08 5:47 PM  

    Sinceer looks more like Nibblez then Deelishus. Q-tee seems like an interesting person. Same with Bunz. The twins are unecessary and they are not even that attractive.

  35. your mother // 25/1/08 7:52 PM  

    @mr. anon: i read your comment and i got the point, i don't know what's going on in steups' life and i won't blame him for anything. i just wanted to make sure that the q is getting the appreciation she deserves. as an outsider i don't know one of them, all i know is that the q is doing great for a handshake.. and i don't think this is fair.. so there has to be an alternative solution, as one of the previous commenters suggested..

    no offense to anybody. shore- tee is ugly.

  36. Anonymous // 25/1/08 8:14 PM  

    Hey Q check out, its got alot of good stuff
    Or Just Click Here
    Who the hell is steups(lol, he hasn't posted in like 3 months people the Q must not be doing to bad for you dumbasses to come here every single day!!!

  37. Peechee // 26/1/08 1:35 AM  

    Hey guys and girls! Thanks for the support! I had a blast!

    Buddah Tha Messiah - You are too cute! Perhaps we do know each other. I wish I was the Goldie of this season...we'll see. I do have a bit of a mothering side to me...I was the oldest of the girls.

    The rest of you..I appreciate your comments.

    q- You are too cute for words! We will have such good times this season.

  38. Bubo the Hater // 26/1/08 12:00 PM  

    It is odd that when Bubo disappears, so does Steups. At that time, Q and Bubo's relationship gets heated and taken to the next level...odd indeed.

  39. your mother // 26/1/08 3:26 PM  

    good times? this is sweet.. i think now i'm a peechee fan..

  40. steups // 26/1/08 6:19 PM  

    omg...that woman is massively thick.
    Oh fuck, it's over, why bother with the show? She won.

    And uhmmmn, miz karlene?

  41. Buddah Tha Messiah // 27/1/08 5:06 PM  

    Peechee said...
    Hey guys and girls! Thanks for the support! I had a blast!

    Buddah Tha Messiah - You are too cute! Perhaps we do know each other. I wish I was the Goldie of this season...we'll see. I do have a bit of a mothering side to me...I was the oldest of the girls.

    The rest of you..I appreciate your comments.

    q- You are too cute for words! We will have such good times this season.

    26/1/08 1:35 AM


    Thanks Peechee. I look forward to seeing you on the show.

  42. Anonymous // 27/1/08 11:49 PM  

    confused... Q:

    if you hate steups sooo much, why would you help him by religiously posting, on his blog, in his absence? Although I too greatly appreciate it, dont get me wrong, I dont understand this. I wasnt aware of you strong feelings until your recent comment? I would never help someone I hate (strong words) in any way.

    Funny how you are so positive about all contestants always, including ROL but are super defensive and critical with readers, always. SHIT, anybody can see that about 80 percent of these girls are ugly, same stats for ROL!

    Honestly, I still enjoy the blog and have for years, although I much more preferred when steups and a variety of writters were on, I gotta give Q credit for attempting to hold down the fort! Although it seems unfair, based on the limited knowledge i have of the situation, it appears that this blog may not last for much longer. (does anybody know what ever happened to Gabrielle?)

  43. The Q © 2007 // 28/1/08 3:19 AM  


    Why would you waste your time being confused on my opinion of someone else? Or concern yourself with what I do?

    I mean really why? Attempting to hold it down?

    I've held it down. LOL!

    Y'all are funny.

  44. Anonymous // 29/1/08 8:03 PM  

    and q your just a conceited, self centered witch.... you never let people have their opinions, your controlling, and why don't you get off the net so much and be a wife/mother

  45. The Q © 2007 // 29/1/08 8:09 PM  


    Why don't you manage your time more efficiently and stop worrying about what I do with my time?

    Who are you again? LOL!

    How does one let someone have an opinion?

    I mean you have yours right? I haven't taken it away.

    Toodles & have the most pleasant evening.

  46. Anonymous // 6/2/08 3:09 AM  

    DUDE Prancer is the hottest out of them all ahaha

    and Thing 1 and Thing 2 look like Delishus

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